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Hearing Therapy Online provides support to professional bodies and organisations needing assistance with audiological issues in the workplace.

Estimates suggest that the UK economy loses £25 billion a year in lost productivity and unemployment due to hearing loss. This is due to a combination of factors, including the lower employment rates amongst those with audiological issues, their inability to fulfil their full potential at work due to limitations in their workplace, and the fact those with hearing loss are more likely to take early retirement due to their struggles with communication in the workplace. This is a preventable loss, and can be resolved by employers providing effective support to those employees with audiological issues. 

Hearing Therapy Online can provide the tools and guidance you need to assist your employees with hearing issues, to ensure you are making the most of the valuable resources you have and minimise any preventable losses to productivity. 

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Hearing Therapy Online can carry out comprehensive audits of your audiological and clinical practise, to ensure you are providing the best possible support to your employees as well as ensuring you are adhering to all relevant regulatory requirements.

We provide effective yet cost & resource sensitive solutions, and support you through every step of the journey to maintain and enhance your practice.

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We offer a range of hearing loss awareness courses, for newly qualified staff to senior more experienced managers, all designed to ensure all employees with audiological issues are supported to fully participate and contribute the workplace. 


Courses are tailored to organisational needs and are fully interactive. We provide all materials, and support users through each stage to ensure complete success and satisfaction.    

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Hearing Therapy Online provides professional consultancy support to developing audiology services, including staff recruitment, management and training

Mentoring and coaching support is available to ensure you make the most of your talents in your hearing healthcare business

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Expert Witness

We are able to provide expert medico-legal witness support to solicitors, organisations, governing bodies, social services departments, or any other professional body requiring independent advice or support.


We offer impartial, expert opinions based on our many relevant qualifications and 3 decades worth of experience of working with people with audiological issues. 

Personal, professional, convenient - Hearing Therapy tailored to you

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